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Feelin’terview with Edith Progue

March 11, 2009

I was asking my questions and he was being himself. Enjoy!

  • Is life an inspiration to make music or is music inspiration to live?
    > one cannot go without the other<
  • What would you do if there wouldn’t be music, starting with tomorrow?
    > listen to the silence<
  • …and what if you had to produce in a different music genre? What would that be?
    > silent music<
  • The beauty of silence or the chaos of noises?
    > silence is where all noises come from<
  • What’s your favourite album ever?
    > “merry christmas mr lawrence” soundtrack by ryuichi sakamoto<
  • …and your favourite album cover?
    > beatles white album<
  • The Beatles - White Album

  • Is there some music you like – but ashamed to admit it?
    > effervescent aspirin bubbling in glass of water on a hangovered morning<
  • If you could be a rock star, who would you be?
    > the pope<
  • Do you have a role model?
    > yes: my dog “tiger lilly”<
  • Who would you like to meet the most?
    > the person who’s asking me all these questions<
  • What are your favourite movies?
    > le mépris (jean-luc godard), sonatine (takeshi kitano), blow up (michael-angelo antonioni)<
  • If you had to direct your own movie, how would it look like?
    > silent movie / white screen<
  • What’s your favourite food?
    > champagne<
  • Do you prefer cooking or eating?
    > drinking<
  • Name three things you love the most about women.
    > right brain activity<
  • …and three things you hate about them.
    > left brain activity<
  • Which language would you like to speak most and why?
    > html, so I tell my webmaster to go f… himself<
  • How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
    > he-is-not-from-here<
  • What are your vices?
    > is there such a thing?<
  • What is the most unusual comment anyone has ever made about you?
    > once I received this cool email: “edith progue’s music has destroyed my speakers, my marriage, my social life… and set me free; thank you!”<
  • The best moment in your life?
    > now, always<
  • What does beauty mean to you?
    > the opposite of arrogance<
  • What’s your favourite picture about yourself?

  • What’s your most favourite picture you made?

  • What would you do today if the world would end tomorrow?
    > relax and watch the show<
  • Which places you love the most?
    > here, always<
  • Who’s your favourite superhero and why?
    > the pope, he’s got such a great car!<
  • What’s your favourite flavour?
    > love<
  • Three things you could never get rid of?
    > me, myself & I<
  • Your three favourite websites?
    > they’re all so boring…<
  • What is the question you always would have liked to be asked but nobody ever did?
    > who the fuck are you?<
  • Who the fuck are you?
    > I don’t have a clue…<

In 1999, songwriter Bernard Swell (b.w-s) formed izdatso as a gathering of visual and musical artists and released two albums on Nutone/EMI America.

In 2007, b.w-s composed, performed & produced Timeline, a micro-classical album under the Edith Progue stage name. Released on Mille Plateaux (MP128), Timeline won the Best Album Award at Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 4 on April 4th 2008 (taken from Edith Progue’s website).

For more information and music samples, please check out MySpace.

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  1. November 8, 2010 3:56 pm

    Very good interview !!!

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