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Hecq – the greatest pizza fan!

April 14, 2009
  • Is life an inspiration to make music or is music inspiration to live?
    >it’s certainly both….it’s depending each other…<
  • What would you do if there wouldn’t be music, starting with tomorrow?
    >looking into photography i think…art in general….<
  • …and what if you had to produce in a different music genre? What would that be?
    >plain piano pieces…soundtracks i suppose.<
  • The beauty of silence or the chaos of noises?
    >silence….for sure….for me chaos of noises only exists to make silence more valuable<
  • What’s your favourite album ever?
    >hard to tell…i cant decide really….but “iron city” by l’usine is pretty close.<
  • and your favourite album cover?
    >this will destroy you/this will destroy you” and also alka/deployed (click for larger images)<

  • Is there some music you like – but ashamed to admit it?
    >i’d say there is music i didnt expected to like but i’m not ashamed of it 😉 …i really have a thing for 80ties pop!<
  • If you could be a rock star, who would you be?
    >oh….no idea 🙂 too far from knowing what you need to be a rockstar.<
  • Do you have a role model?
    >many….most of them are my friends actually..<
  • Who would you like to meet the most?
    >david fincher and/or martin scorsese<
  • What are your favourite movies?
    >fight club, crash, there will be blood, the departed, brazil, casino, fargo and many many more…<
  • If you had to direct your own movie, how would it look like?
    >i’d rather hire matthew barney to do the set- and character design, martin scorsese for directing and michael bay for special fx 🙂 …pure megalomania but i’d love to see what the result would look like..<
  • Who’s your favourite writer or poet?
    >edgar allen poe<
  • What’s your favourite food?
    >pizza… invention since the wheel!<
  • Do you prefer cooking or eating?
  • Name three things you love the most about women.
    >being sophisticated, humorous and strong-minded<
  • …and three things you hate about them.
    >there are not this many 😉 ….women can be a bit complicated sometimes.<
  • Which language would you like to speak most and why?
    >english…because i still have and want to learn more 😉<
  • How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
    >obsessed (with work)
    too indulgent
  • What are your vices?
    >cigarettes….and pizza again ;)<
  • What is the most unusual comment anyone has ever made about you?
    >that autechre should learn from me…..which was nice but surely off the beaten track ;))<
  • What was the nicest thing somebody ever did to you?
    >my father wanting me to play a “lost” from bad karma at his funeral – this was the greatest act of respect i ever experienced.<
  • The best moment in your life?
    >thats hard to tell….there are actually a few of them to be honest…<
  • What does beauty mean to you?
    >a lot….depending on how you define it its a a tribute to all unearthly inspiration…and one of the very few things i couldnt live without.<
  • What would you do today if the world would end tomorrow?
    >i’d be painfully honest with some people and apologise to others.<
  • Which places you love the most?
    >my hometown where i lived for 17 years and after that berlin & london.<
  • Who’s your favourite superhero and why?
    >ha…very good question: i’d say hellboy because he got the right attitude (thats because he actually IS a superhero but NOT wanting to be one yet does an excellent job) and he looks amazing! :D<
  • What’s your favourite flavour?
    >cinnamon…cant say why tho – its just perfect!<
  • Three things you could never get rid of?
    >my mobile phone, my music collection, my french-press coffe can!<
  • Your three favourite websites?
    …and flickr ;)<
  • What is the question you always would have liked to be asked but nobody ever did?
    >tried hard to think about something but i have the luck to be surrounded by people asking and questioning things on a daily basis….so this question havent come up yet. :)<

Hecq (real name – Ben Lukas Boysen) is a sound and audio designer based in Berlin. He can be seen as a phenomenon: an artist who consistently shows his amazing skills in creating new sound, a producer that works with musical technology and presents remixes that spotlight unseen facets in the work of other musicians. Boysen is more than an expert knob twidler. The listener can easily hear that there is a sensitive human being operating the controls. In his music, atmospheric soundscapes meet sharp cadences and abrupt breaks which leads the enthralled listener into Hecq’s world – an audiobook without a narrator. (taken from his page).

For more information check out Ben’s website, Discogs and MySpace and for some additional videos and music don’t forget about Virb!

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  1. March 22, 2010 2:01 pm

    este interesant, chear foarte frumos…

  2. March 22, 2010 2:02 pm


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